Matilda Enegren – is interested in the figure turning away as such. Matilda says: “When I move among people, I get stuck with clothing, textiles and backboards. I usually think of ourselves as a package – wrapped in layers of different materials and patterns that make up the whole of nested packaging. We are wrappings that move through time, save the moment and store the past. The turned away perspective is the opposite of a confrontational face looking back – there is room for me to carefully observe. It’s a job in which I only know as much as I can see. ”

The exhibition Rückenfigur consists of figurative watercolor and oil paintings. The German term Rückenfigur means figure seen from behind and used for figures in artwork depicted with the back of the viewer. The term is primarily associated with German landscape painting during the romance era, and especially with the work of the artist Caspar David Friedrich. The motif is today common in computer games and advertising. With the help of the motif, the viewer can identify with the figure and experience the area in which it is located.